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our partners

Our partners rely on us for our expertise and discretion to use the very best materials possible to ensure that our custom creations will stand the test of time for new homeowners and established commercial enterprises. We offer assistance with design and material selection for architects, owners, interior designers and builders. We work very closely with the companies listed below, and have achieved tremendous success in our endeavours. We provide services to other industry experts as well, including GM French Construction Co Ltd., a prestigious general contractor and construction renovation company.

Albion Glass and Mirror

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Albion Glass & Mirror has been one of Ottawa’s leading commercial and residential installers of glass and mirror products for over thirty years. They have successfully established their reputation within the industry as glass and mirror experts, and they take pride in providing superior customer service, meticulous workmanship, and professional expertise at competitive prices.

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Gallivan Developments

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Gallivan Developments is an Ottawa-based real estate developer who builds homes you can live in with comfort, ease, elegance and confidence. They work with the finest consultants, designers, architects and engineers in the region, including McCluskey's Welding, to provide exceptional accents for superior homes.

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F.&R. Alvarez

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Having a custom built staircase can be one of the finest architectural features of your home. F. & R. Alvarez specializes in both residential and commercial staircase design in Ottawa and surrounding areas. They use only the finest materials and can manufacture a wide variety of custom designs to suit your tastes.

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